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The teacher discusses how she works with colleagues to teach the Australian Curriculum through Aboriginal perspectives. Together they consider the ways in which Aboriginal studies could be integrated into mathematics and science teaching using a local Aboriginal cultural studies database. The teachers explore and discuss the use of selected and validated Indigenous resources to build confidence in teaching Aboriginal perspectives.
Sturt Street Community School is a Birth to Year 7 school located in central Adelaide, The school has a culturally diverse student population. The year 2/3 teacher has collaborated with teachers from seven other schools to embed Aboriginal studies across curriculum learning areas. This has resulted in the development of a database that includes resources and activities to support the teaching of Aboriginal histories and cultures within the Australian Curriculum.
  • How do you work with colleagues to identify opportunities to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in teaching programs?
  • How have you supported colleagues to select appropriate resources to engage students in core concepts and/or to develop general capabilities?
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