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The teacher demonstrates comprehensive and contemporary science content, curricular and pedagogical content knowledge by designing a series of professional learning workshops. Participants are engaged actively in developing an understanding of Science within the Australian Curriculum. Participants have opportunities to develop skills in the analysis of student data, such as NAPLAN, to identify the literacy and numeracy skills of individuals and student cohorts. They are taught to recognise the implications of this data for Science teaching and the consequent development of improvement plans.
The teacher has developed a series of workshops designed to be delivered to teachers of Year 8-10 Science in individual schools or school clusters. These workshops demonstrate how to facilitate the implementation of Science in the Australian Curriculum. Participants are taught to align their current programs and assessment practices with the expectations of the Australian Curriculum.
  • What professional learning have you received to prepare you for the introduction of the Australian Curriculum?
  • How will the introduction of the Australian Curriculum bring about changes to your existing teaching practices?
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