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The science teacher at Seaforth Primary School explains the journey the school has undertaken, including using art to enliven science, so that students are engaged in the study of science. The school also partners with parents and the community to help support the school's science program. In this class, the teacher uses a collaborative and cooperative learning strategy to encourage Year 3 students to unpack and correct their misconceptions about the moon.
Seaforth Primary School is located across two campuses in the north of Sydney. The school has a high profile in the arts and sport and has capitalised on the strong arts program to promote science within the school community. The school employs a specialist teacher to deliver science in a dedicated science space across all classes. The active parent community supports the school in a variety of ways including assisting in class to support the learning of all students.
  • What approaches could your school utilise to embed the study of science across the curriculum?
  • How does your school draw on the support of parents and the community to strengthen the learning support available to students?
  • How do you celebrate student success in your school?
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