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The School Leader Self-Assessment Tool (School Leader SAT) is an online questionnaire that allows current and aspiring principals to reflect on their practice in relation to the Leadership Profiles (the Profiles).

The School Leader SAT presents a set of questionnaire items that are based on the leadership actions described in the Profiles. The items cover actions and behaviours described across the developmental pathways shown in the Profiles.

For individuals

On completion of the questionnaire, respondents receive a report that indicates where their current practice is located within each of the three lenses of the Profiles. The report identifies specific areas of strength as well as areas for development. Additionally, the School Leader SAT allows respondents to:

  • view their developmental pathway
  • create a plan for learning and growth
  • access leadership tools and resources to assist their leadership growth
  • eventually compare their results over time.

For groups

In addition to individual self-reflection, the School Leader SAT can also be used by groups of school leaders, with de-identified aggregate results available to the group.

The School Leader Self-Assessment Tool assists current and aspiring principals to locate their practice within the Leadership Profiles.

The Leadership Profiles build upon the Australian Professional Standard for Principals by describing the role of principals in greater detail. The Profiles are presented as a set of leadership actions that effective principals implement as they progress to higher levels of proficiency. In this way, the Profiles provide a comprehensive developmental framework for current and aspiring principals.

The Profiles are organised as a set of 80 statements, arranged for school leaders to view through three leadership lenses:

  • Professional Practices lens – linked to the Standard’s five Professional Practices
  • Leadership Requirements lens – linked to the Standard’s three Leadership Requirements
  • Leadership Emphasis lens – which focuses on four broad school leadership contexts.
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