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The teacher uses questioning and demonstration to explore with her students in a year 6 science lesson the safe use of electrical appliances. She focuses discussion on practical issues relevant to her students such as the use of electrical appliances in areas where contact with water is possible, or appliances that use water in their operation. Following a theoretical explanation, she uses a simple experiment to demonstrate to students whether electricity is conducted through water.
Coolbinia Primary School is located in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The primary school offers classes from kindergarten to year 7. Within the primary school there are approximately 270 students. In year 6 there are 31 students. The video where students observe an experiment to see whether electricity will flow through water is an extract from a number of lessons focusing on energy conservation and sustainability.
  • What strategies do you use to encourage students to think creatively and explore scientific questions of their own?
  • How can you encourage the safe use of electrical appliances in your classroom?
  • How can you incorporate practical activities and experimentation into your classroom?
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