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A survey of parents / carers showed that parents had little awareness of student progress outside of regular reporting periods. Therefore, the school adopted Edmodo as a way of increasing communication with parents / carers, and also offered professional learning to parents / carers on how to use the software. The collaboration between the school and families builds in supports for students, such as letting families know when assessment tasks have been set. The school also supports personalised learning plans that can be developed with students and their parents / carers.
The school’s Highly Accomplished Teacher runs classes for parents / carers to train them in the use of Edmodo, and oversee its implementation. This facilitates greater involvement in their children’s education. If students are falling behind, they might also be assigned a staff mentor who is then involved in liaising directly with parents.
  • What support can you offer to parents / carers who wish to be more actively involved in their children’s learning?
  • What strategies could you use to communicate more effectively with parents / carers outside the required reporting periods?
  • How might parent / carer involvement assist you to meet the individual learning needs of students?
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