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The teacher uses a guided inquiry-based method to support students' learning about chemical reactions. Students are given minimal instructions to perform experiments and to encourage engagement and direct observations. In addition to the teacher, the Science by Doing resources provide instructions and information. The students’ critical thinking is further developed through the process of writing their own notes.
St. Mary Star of the Sea College, located on the South Coast of  NSW, is a large Independent Catholic Secondary College for girls. The focus at the College is to develop students who are critical thinkers in a global context. The main feature of their Science program is the emphasis on Scientific Enquiry skills. Classroom teachers utilize the 5 E's (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) embedded in the teaching resource “Science By Doing” as a template that informs their pedagogical approach.
  • How do you plan your lessons to maximise students' independent thinking?
  • How can you provide effective instruction and guidance in inquiry-based teaching?
  • How do you use technology to support practical tasks?
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