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The teacher is responsible for implementing a Peer Mediator Program at a school with a New Arrivals Program. The program creates and maintains supportive and safe learning environments. Students who are new to the school are introduced to a ‘buddy’ who can help them to find their way around and speak their language. A sense of belonging for the new arrivals is created through language development and support with Bilingual School Services Officers. The curriculum for New Arrivals students includes aspects of well-being and student safety.
The school is an Adelaide city-based school with a population of approximately 350 students. 100 of those students are newly arrived from overseas.  The school has a strong New Arrivals Program.  The cultural diversity of the students, teachers and School Services Officers (SSOs)/Bilingual School Services Officers (BSSOs) at the school creates an environment that the teacher describes as ‘Harmony Day every day’.  The school community works together to ensure that students are heard and understood.
  • How do you ensure student well-being and safety in your school, and what systems/curriculum are in place to promote this?
  • What type of programs could you introduce or have you implemented at your school?
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