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MTA is provided free for use and relies upon the voluntary commitment of experienced teachers.  Many are Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers, Assistant Principals, Principals and leaders in their teaching areas. The advice is intended to meet your immediate needs when other resources and colleagues may not be available.

My Teaching Advice:

  • invites you to ask questions – about knowledge, personal and interpersonal, practice and pedagogy and process – specific to your geographic context, school/setting and phase of schooling
  • matches you with experienced teachers
  • provides anonymous contact between you and an Adviser to arrange for a chat in real time
  • provides the real time chat interface for your discussion
  • gives you feedback regarding your experience.


MyTeachingAdvice is a registered trademark of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited.

MTA is designed for point-of-need assistance and advice. It does not replace ongoing mentoring or support. MTA is not intended to replace the formal and informal supports provided to beginning teachers through their schools, systems, and colleagues. MTA offers support to beginning teachers in situations where access to supports may be limited. For example:

  • casual relief/replacement teachers
  • teachers in rural and remote areas
  • early childhood teachers.

MTA maintains privacy and confidentiality, and advice provided is without obligation, consistent with a code of ethics, stated policies and procedures, and specific terms of service.