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In a composite music class at Darwin High School, a pre-service teacher is required to effectively teach two music classes. With one group studying at level 3 and 4 she explains and sets a learning task building on previously studied music theory. With students at level 5, she sets an independent group-learning task. In organising and delivering content to disparate groups and individuals, the pre-service teacher must use instructions on the board and on the piano, 'package' language appropriately for the age and ability level of the student, and must do so quickly and effectively.
Darwin High School is one of only two government schools in Darwin that cater purely for senior students at years 10–12. The school is relatively large in comparison with other Territory schools. The student population is comprised of many different cultural backgrounds, with a large number of overseas students. At the school, the pre-service teacher is working with a student supervisor who already has a program in place that caters for music students working at different levels within the one classroom.
  • What are features of a good 'learning design' that you have found useful for constructing a lesson plan or sequence?
  • What do you understand 'content' to mean and what amount of content is it reasonable to include within a lesson?
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