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The teacher is conscious of the ways in which the new Australian Curriculum for English encourages teachers to provide students with opportunities to create, sequence and develop digital stories and communications.  She decides to use a concept map to enable her students to identify options for creative writing about animals. Having decided on their approaches, she supports individual students to achieve a range of literacy outcomes. These outcomes include oral presentations, photo stories, creating and sequencing digital images, design, and word processing.
St Saviour’s Primary School in Toowoomba, Queensland caters for over 400 students from Prep to year 7. The teacher of the school’s year 1 class had previously invited a visiting author to the class who had worked with her students to create creatures. She has decided to build on this experience in a literacy project by providing opportunities for her students to create a range of text types appropriate to their own interests and literacy needs. 
  • What role does critical literacy play in your teaching?
  • What strategies do you use to help improve and support students’ thinking?
  • How do you assist students to critically analyse texts?
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