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A classroom teacher who is also a literacy leader models effective teaching strategies that address the learning strengths and needs of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Here the teacher models the strategy of conferencing and the use of a ‘running record’ to record anecdotal evidence of the student’s literacy needs.
The school has many students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds. This is a Year 1 writing session where the students are using the recount instructional strategy to write their own stories about a recent excursion. A Year 3 teacher who will teach Year 1 the following year has come in to observe how her colleague structures the writing hour. A post-lesson discussion allows the teacher to clarify her understanding of the strategies used in the lesson to further improve student literacy skills.
  • How can you support colleagues to develop effective teaching strategies to cater for a diverse range of students?
  • How do you differentiate your teaching to cater for students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds?
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