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A teacher who has a position of leadership in the school is undertaking a Leadership Program.  The teacher reflects with her mentor on how she has implemented strategies to develop her style of leadership. Contributing to the discussion is the results from colleagues using 360 degree feedback. The focus of this session relates to improving the facilitation of staff meetings to provide a cohesive forum for all participants.
Dominic College is a Catholic, kindergarten to year 10, co-educational, independent school in Hobart. Within the school, teachers may have roles of responsibility at either one or both campuses. This teacher's responsibilities include coordinator of teaching and learning F-6. As a part of this role she is participating in a Leadership Program which includes participating in a professional network to broaden her knowledge and improve practice.
  • Do you create opportunities to initiate professional discussions about evaluating practice?
  • How can teachers be supported to improve their knowledge and skills to enhance student learning?
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