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Here the teacher demonstrates her vision for collaborative learning in her year 4/5 class. The students have been provided with a practical scenario to test their understanding of how to measure volume as part of their Mathematics learning. The teacher creates a group based learning activity that intentionally mixes up normal groups and challenges individuals to contribute and support each other. When some groups require assistance she provides support and guidance to assist their decision making.
Ross Park is the oldest government primary school in Alice Springs. It has almost 400 students of which 25 per cent are Indigenous. The teacher has been at the school for two years. She currently teaches a composite year 4/5 class. Over time, she has been aiming to create a collaborative classroom environment where students can manage their own learning. She aims to provide the conversations that need to happen but for her students to make the decisions themselves.
  • What classroom management strategies are important in order to have effective collaborative learning?
  • How have you planned or modified your teaching program to engage all of your students?
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