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In this Year 8 science class at St Mary's College the science teacher leads the students through a chemistry class on molecular structure. The class commences with a review to activate prior learning which includes questioning and the students physically representing the parts of an atom. The students experiment with chemical reactions that produce colour effects, similar to those used in fireworks. The teacher establishes clear safety rules and circulates among the group to help students consolidate their understanding of the links between the theory and practical.
St Mary’s College in Hobart was founded in 1868 and provides a K-12 education for girls (and K-2 for boys). The college has implemented the Australian Curriculum for science from Foundation to Year 10 and offers a wide variety of science subjects at the senior years including biology, chemistry and earth sciences. The college has established a Women in Science Centre and participates in a range of events including the University of Tasmania Science Fair to increase opportunities for students to engage in science.
  • How do you work with your students to identify and address potential safety issues in your classes?
  • What strategies can you use to connect to students' prior learning?
  • What strategies can you use to establish links between content covered in class and real-world contexts?
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