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In a senior school Media class, the teacher uses a range of targeted feedback strategies to progress the students’ understanding of the requirements of an assessment task. He uses specific assessment criteria to provide teacher feedback, to enable peer evaluation and allow for self-reflection. Self-reflection at the beginning of the course is used to provide individual students an understanding of where they can improve. The teacher also uses data from previous external assessments to inform his feedback to students.
This school for girls is located in inner northern metropolitan Melbourne. It has a strong professional learning culture, with a focus on peer mentoring, coaching and collegial activities. Timely, targeted feedback to students is seen as an important part of the learning and teaching process. Feedback from peers is included as part of the learning process in many classrooms.
  • What feedback strategies do you use to ensure students understand what is required to make effective progress?
  • Which data sources do you use to support the delivery of feedback to students?
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