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At Wooranna Park Primary, a number of initiatives have been introduced to model a range of teaching strategies that reflect research about how students learn. Parents and local community members provide a rich resource of expertise to expand on the skill set of the school to broaden the scope of the curriculum offered. This model enables varied pathways for students' learning agreements
Wooranna Park Primary School is located a low socio-economic area of Melbourne. The school places a strong emphasis on students accepting responsibility for their learning. Opportunities are provided for students to pursue personal learning passions and negotiate the curriculum. The school is strongly influenced by the philosophical thinking underpinning the Reggio Emilia Schools of Northern Italy and the work of Professor George Betts on autonomous learning.
  • How can your school incorporate expertise from your school community to provide students with rich learning experiences?
  • How does your school evaluate and renew learning programs based on current research?
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