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The leaders and teachers in this school describe the authentic experiences they provide students to develop the skills of scientific inquiry, method and reasoning. They detail various projects that enable students to work with members of the local scientific community and study the natural environment and sustainable practices. They emphasise the significance of scientific literacy, and how students can assume responsibility for teaching others the scientific knowledge and skills they have acquired, sharing their discoveries in a range of contexts.
Lansdowne Crescent Primary School is a Foundation to Year 6 school with approximately 400 students. The school has adopted an approach to teaching science that promotes collaboration with experts in the local community and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through peer teaching program delivery.
  • How can you provide your students with authentic learning experiences to develop the skills of inquiry, method and reasoning?
  • What opportunities do your students have to share their knowledge and skills with others, and in different contexts?
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Leading science and mathematics at Lansdowne