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The teacher uses the Science by Doing program to teach a Year 8, mixed ability class. Students work in small groups to define the properties of a solid, liquid, and gas. Students are responsible for their own note-taking to record learning, which the teacher reviews to gauge understanding. Independent learning is further promoted through students setting their own rules to explain the lesson outcome.
St. Mary Star of the Sea College, located on the South Coast of  NSW, is a large Independent Catholic Secondary College for girls. The focus at the College is to develop students who are critical thinkers in a global context. The main feature of their Science program is the emphasis on Scientific Enquiry skills. Classroom teachers utilize the 5 E's (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) embedded in the teaching resource “Science By Doing” as a template that informs their pedagogical approach.
  • What strategies do you use to engage students in the content of your lessons?
  • How do you structure group work to support full student engagement? What strategies do you employ to assess students' learning in a class?
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