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The teacher explores in his class the question of, 'How can I act to improve human health?' The lesson concerns the application of science understanding to society, and in this way the teacher is able to draw in subjects such as history and humanities. The teacher emphasises that 'fertile questions' needs to be rich enough to sustain an interdisciplinary curriculum over several weeks. He supports his colleagues in developing this curriculum.
The Australian Science and Mathematics School has a specific focus on science and mathematics education, while at the same time embedding other curriculum areas such as the humanities into that learning. It is located on the Flinders University campus. The teacher is the senior leader of interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • What strategies might you use to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum?
  • How can you relate your lessons to society and the wider world?
  • What collegial strategies and activities could you use in curriculum development?
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Interdisciplinarity for science and mathematics