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A teacher librarian works with teachers to plan and review a student research unit on Ancient Rome. Reference is made to a student survey, which has established the students’ levels of understanding of the inquiry process. Expected learning outcomes are identified along with the research task, the final product, formal assessment and opportunities for student self-reflection.  The teacher librarian uses professional expertise to identify a range of print and digital curriculum resources that the students can use in the information gathering and a note-taking process.  Following the delivery of the planned lessons, the teacher librarian and her colleagues formally evaluate the unit.
Mercy Diocesan College is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It has 600 students enrolled in years 7 to 12. There are 48 cultural backgrounds represented with 58 per cent of the student population having language backgrounds other than English. The students and staff have access to the library during the school day as well as before and after school. The Information Centre offers three learning areas for classes to utilise to satisfy their information and reading needs.
  • How do you work with colleagues to collaboratively plan, teach and evaluate units of work?
  • What opportunities do you take to initiate and lead professional discussions about evaluating practice directed at improving student outcomes?
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