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The head of languages has led colleagues to identify and select appropriate teaching strategies to foster students’ achievements in learning languages and cultures, in particular through the innovative use of ICT. The teacher uses a range of ICT with her students to individualise student learning after reflecting on the struggles students were having in developing their Japanese skills. She supports colleagues to create a culture of learning in their classrooms that fosters an interest in and engagement with languages and encourages students to accept responsibility for their own learning.
St Patrick's College is a Catholic school for boys located in Ballarat with a diverse enrolment and students with a wide range of abilities in each class. The teacher has recently been taken part in an Action Research Project where she investigated the effect that a change in pedagogical style might have on students’ learning of Japanese script. She found that the use of ICT enabled her to effectively embed cognitive and constructivist pedagogical practices in her teaching and learning.
  • How do you support colleagues to use ICT as a means of encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning?
  • What initiatives could you lead to enable colleagues to select or design differentiated learning pathways for students?
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