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A grade 3 teacher discusses some of the strategies she uses in her classroom to support students whose assessment data indicates intervention is required. The teacher demonstrates some of the resources that she uses to implement individual learning plans that specifically address literacy and numeracy. The teacher also consults with colleagues to plan engaging activities for these students.
Dominic College is a Catholic, Kindergarten to Year 10, co-educational, independent school in Hobart. At the school, classroom teachers are supported by a coordinator of individual learning to modify teaching practice to provide opportunities for literacy and numeracy success for all students. Together  they are able to plan a program for the teacher to initiate which provides for the individual needs of  students who have been identified using various forms of assessment data.
  • How did you design intervention activities to support students’ strengths or weaknesses in understanding of core concepts?
  • What strategies or content decisions do you modify for students as a result of analysing student assessment data?
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