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The tool will provide a guided process of critical reflection on assumptions, attitudes, beliefs and biases in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, languages and cultures. It will develop your awareness and understanding of how these may impact on your teaching practice and learner outcomes.

The tool will pose a series of conceptual questions, prompts, or stimuli for you to consider and respond to. The purpose of these items is to help you actively engage in deep reflection and, by responding honestly, perhaps discover things you ‘didn’t know you didn’t know’.

You will receive a report that indicates a relevant starting point for your further development on a continuum of culturally responsive learning. From there, you will be guided to the relevant area of a capability framework to learn more about your current stage of development and find recommended actions to support your ongoing learning.

The self-reflection tool will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Your results will remain private and should be used to guide your own learning or, should you choose, may be discussed with others to inform your learning plans.