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In this Illustration, Glenda explains her process for developing a love of literacy in her kindergarten classroom. She shares examples of ways that she builds upon children's learning to advance literacy skills over the course of the year. Glenda uses multiple strategies to help young learners make connections between the written word, oral language and pictures. She highlights the importance of a child's voice as a fundamental element in developing their literacy foundation. 

This Illustration was produced through a partnership between the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. 
Warracknabeal Memorial Kindergarten is situated in the Northern Wimmera, around four hours north-west of Melbourne. There are three staff, one early childhood teacher and two educators. The 4-5 year old program provides 15 hours of preschool education each week for every child, and the program structure is a free indoor/outdoor program with move-able snack and lunch routines.
  • What strategies do you use to foster children's voice in the development of their literacy skills?
  • How do you use your understanding of children's development to build on and expand their learning?
  • How do you incorporate a variety of strategies to help children understand what is being taught?
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