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The teacher describes the contributive leadership model that is used in her school. The staff conduct action research and inquiry as part of their professional learning. They explore innovation and interdisciplinarity in a science and mathematics curriculum. Each staff member has a personal professional learning plan. During a professional learning meeting, a staff member reports on team teaching and the inquiry learning surrounding it. Student feedback is a key part of the evaluations of teaching and learning methods.
The Australian Science and Mathematics School has a specific focus on science and mathematics education, while at the same time embedding other curriculum areas such as the humanities into that learning. It is located on the Flinders University campus. The teacher is the Director of Professional Learning.
  • How can you support colleagues to contribute to a culture of professional learning?
  • What evaluative processes might you use to lead colleagues in improving teaching and learning?
  • What sort of active research and inquiry could be conducted within teaching and learning in your school?
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