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The report assessed innovative programs and practices on the extent to which they:

  • Tap into passions and ownership of participants
  • Engage with external partners who offer fresh perspectives
  • Use technology to support collaboration
  • Draw on new or existing data (in new ways)
  • Enable participants to rethink the use of resources

Based on an extensive ‘horizon scan’ of more than 50 cross-sectoral organisations (including education, arts, technology, business, health etc.), the report identifies five global trends in innovative approaches to professional learning and performance and development: Integrated, Immersive, Design-led, Market-led and Open.

For each of these trends the report identifies a spectrum of practices from ‘Almost/already here’ to ‘Next wave’ and ‘On the Horizon’ providing concrete examples for implementation in the education sector.

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Six case studies of innovation in professional learning and performance and development