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A teaching team demonstrates how they use formative assessment with students in the classroom to make adjustments and respond to student learning and understanding. The teachers use informal and formal assessment practices with a range of strategies for students and teachers to communicate understanding.

Teachers combine a range of assessment methods to assess student learning and ensure multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding.

The Kindergarten class is in a large government school (1600 students) in a metropolitan area of Canberra. In the two classes there are 24 girls and 19 boys. At the school, twenty-seven percent of students have a language background other than English and there is a 93 percent attendance rate overall. The classes have been working on recount writing and addition. The learning intentions are ‘I can recount events and sequence them in the correct order’ and ‘I can add two numbers to make 10.’
  • What is formative assessment?
  • What does formative assessment look like as part of literacy and numeracy lessons in Kindergarten?
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