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This teacher articulates how effective science teaching needs to have a hands-on element to reinforce the theory in an engaging investigative approach. The teacher facilitates experimental science in the primary section of the school which has a positive impact for both the students and the primary teachers. The teacher draws upon her scientific qualifications and resources such as Primary Connections to model to colleagues teaching strategies that motivate and engage students.
Ryan Catholic College was established in 1979 to serve the rapidly developing areas on the outskirts of Townsville and the corridor development of the Upper Ross area. The College was planned as a co-educational institution from its inception for children from Preschool to Year 12. The curriculum in Years 5 to 9 has been designed to expose students to a diverse range of disciplines that will enable them to explore where their talents and interests lie.
  • What hands on experiences do you offer to students that reinforce core concepts?
  • How do staff at your school collaborate on assessment tasks to ensure consistency?
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