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A teacher of a year 11 Dance class describes the assessment practices that are used within her class and by her Arts team at a senior secondary college. Assessments are based on clearly expressed rubrics that have been created and validated by the teaching team. The teacher links these within her teaching to specific learning goals. Summative assessments are moderated within the school by the team and tested at a Dance Practical Moderation Day involving a number of schools. The teacher articulates how such assessment moderations ensure equity and academic rigor.
Gungahlin College is a senior secondary school for years 10–12 in the ACT. It has over 800 students studying traditional and vocational studies. The school includes a performing arts theatre with dance and drama studios. It also has high standard music and arts facilities. This visual and performing arts focus allows teachers at the school to work collaboratively within the discipline in areas such as planning, evaluation and assessment.
  • How do you use formative assessment to improve student learning outcomes?
  • What are the characteristics of effective assessment moderation?
  • What parts of the curriculum that you teach would be appropriate for students to undertake practical assessments?
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