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The teacher explores seemingly contradictory issues relating to student safety when describing how she supports students and teachers who use the Rona Glynn Bush Preschool. This learning environment aims to provide children with opportunity to learn through play and exploration, and such play may involve risks. She describes and demonstrates how discussion of risk with children can be empowering. At the conclusion of the Illustration of Practice, she powerfully articulates the consequences for learning when children do not feel safe and secure within their learning environment.
Rona Glynn Preschool is part of the Ross Park Primary School complex in Alice Springs. It caters for children turning 4 by June 30th. Two groups attend preschool for 15 hours per week per group. The teachers at the school are committed to understanding how students learn and use research, collegiate discussion and workplace observation to improve their understandings. The Bush Pre School initiative is the first of its kind in the area, and is intended to benefit preschoolers' social and cognitive development.
  • Do you discuss school and/or system policies, programs and processes to ensure all students feel safe at school?
  • Have you identified any research about student safety that is relevant to your local context? How might you promote its findings?
  • What are some significant issues relating to student well-being within your school and how would you address them?
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