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In her first year of teaching, a teacher designs and implements explicit learning experiences for her class comprised of students at a year 3/4 level. She selects and uses content and resources for her numeracy lessons that are appropriate to the strengths and needs of individual students from diverse backgrounds. In the illustration, she develops teaching activities to assist students to understand the mathematical concepts of whole numbers, fractions and decimals. She is also able to use a literacy approach to support these numeracy activities. 
St Albans East Primary School caters for a culturally diverse student population of approximately 365 students and is located in the City of Brimbank in the western metropolitan region of Melbourne, Victoria. The teachers plan their program together each week, focusing on the development of lessons based on what they consider students need rather than on the delivery of ‘content’. The teacher supports students learning through the selection of ‘concrete’ resources and achievable activities that will build understanding and promote the students’ learning of Mathematics.
  • What teaching strategies do you use to support students’ numeracy achievement in your classroom?
  • Considering the needs of your students how do you plan your numeracy lesson?
  • How do you use resources to support your students’ numeracy experience?
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