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Here the classroom teacher demonstrates the use of information and communication technology to develop students’ knowledge of number sequence and skills in counting from any starting point. The teacher invites individual students to use the interactive whiteboard to set the starter counter from which students will count in unison by ‘twos’.
At Carlton North Primary School the teacher is implementing a whole-school policy to improve explicit number fluency in his students by setting aside five to ten minutes of time at the beginning of every Mathematics lesson for students to practice counting. The teacher believes that his approach has had direct benefits for student learning outcomes over the year. He uses ICT because it is interactive, because of its flexibility, and because of the range of software that can be used to support a number sequencing learning activities.
  • What teaching strategies do you use to develop and consolidate students’ skills in numeracy?
  • What daily routines do you use to develop and consolidate students’ learning?
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