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At the beginning of the lesson the teacher outlines his plan to consolidate a previously learned technical skill in soccer, and also to introduce two new skills. The teacher aims to scaffold skill development in order to support all students: beginning with simple drills and then adding new physical challenges over time. He intends to embed in the lesson a focus on leadership and self assessment.
This teacher is responsible for teaching physical education at upper primary levels. In planning, structuring and sequencing lessons he stresses the need to connect with students' prior learning. He also targets students' learning needs and strengths. Specifically, he wants his class to refine basic and complex motor skills and apply these in team sports. To do this, students need to think strategically and work with more- or less-skilled peers to improve performance. He gives students constructive feedback during the lesson and provides time for them to evaluate their own learning.
  • What kinds of planning do you find most useful when preparing for a lesson sequence?
  • In what ways can you cater for the different learning needs of individuals and groups at the lesson planning stage?
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