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A teacher focuses on developing a positive learning environment and high expectations for success with his students in a composite class at Kubin Village State School. The teacher models the learning process for students by using an 'I do, we do, you do' strategy and emphasises the importance of providing students with purposeful and understandable feedback to support achievement. In the 'you do' phase the teacher uses an online resource to differentiate teaching to meet individual student strengths and needs.
Kubin Village State School is a Pre-Prep to year 7 school located on Moa Island in the central western area of the Torres Strait. The Campus is part of Tagai State College, which has 17 campuses across 15 islands. The students attending the school are Torres Strait Islanders. The Kubin Campus works with the Torres Strait Islanders Regional Education Council, the local community, neighbouring island schools and Education Queensland to establish a culture of respect, success and adventurous learning.
  • How do you select content, resources and approaches to target the needs of individual students across the full range of abilities?
  • What strategies do you use to develop positive relationships with and high expectations of all students?
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