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The humanities coordinator of a school’s senior campus leads a discussion with the school’s history teachers aimed at improving teaching practice. The workshop begins by brainstorming criteria by which a range of programs can be evaluated. Programs will also be evaluated against data gained from the classrooms, as well as from the agreed criteria. In the second part of the workshop, the coordinator leads an evaluation of a unit of work, recording improvements and modifications. 
The school is a co-educational Christian school in regional New South Wales. It has a strong professional learning culture. In this professional learning session provision has been made by school management for teachers to meet prior to the start of the school year to discuss and share ideas on best practice and critically analyse a teacher’s program with the aim of improving teaching practice. The purpose of this collegial discussion is to review and evaluate the professional practice used in the delivery of a senior school history program.
  • How can you support colleagues to evaluate teaching programs directed at improving professional knowledge and practice?
  • How can you support colleagues to develop learning programs that reflect an understanding of the needs of their students?
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