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In a Year 9 class where students are studying a text for English, a graduate teacher explores ways in which every student can participate in the learning. She is able to implement, and later reflect on a range of inclusive learning strategies, such as the use of more specific questioning, assigning specific roles to particular students, and the use of more precise questioning.
MacRobertson Girls’ High School is a select entry public school in Melbourne, catering for students from Years 9–12. At the school, a graduate teacher identifies the risk of creating a learning environment that is too teacher centred, and discusses strategies with her supervisor to make the teaching and learning more inclusive. She subsequently employs a range of strategies to engage students who may feel anxious about speaking in front of the entire class.
  • What strategies do you use to engage learners?
  • How can you encourage students to participate more actively in class discussions?
  • How can you promote a more collegial environment in your classroom?
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