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A teacher uses a range of investigations to engage students in an exploration of electricity within the context of a strong sustainability framework. The students begin by examining a solar cell and using it to power a small light. They then analyse the energy efficiency of their classroom and develop a campaign to encourage teachers and other students to conserve energy.
Coolbinia Primary School is located in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The primary school offers classes from kindergarten to year 7. Within the primary school there are approximately 270 students. In a year 6 science class, the teacher has provided students with activities ranging from the development of electricity safety rules to an investigation of broader issues relating to energy conservation and sustainability. These broader issues have been practically grounded in an analysis of energy use in the school and in the students' own homes.
  • What strategies do you use to help your students become more aware of their environment?
  • How can you encourage students to take an active role in promoting sustainability in your school?
  • What strategies do you use to teach and encourage sustainable living in your classroom?
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