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The challenge-based learning activity is a series of five sequenced lesson plans. Within each lesson, there are sections that demonstrate a range of teaching strategies. The learning sequence is intended to allow graduate teachers to guide year 5 and 6 students through a problem solving process that allows them to investigate the extinction of species and propose a plan to preserve an endangered animal.
Within a series of lessons, the graduate teacher is able to select and use a variety of teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking. Teaching and learning incorporates small-group activities, interactive games, the use of graphic organizers and web-based searches. These lead to the creation by students of a multimodal artefact. The graduate teacher is able to assist students to develop a plan to preserve an endangered animal as the culminating activity of the lesson sequence.
  • What would you expect to see in a classroom that was committed to student-centred learning?
  • In what ways can a teacher improve their repertoire of teaching strategies?
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