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The head of science at Mentone Girls' Grammar discusses how she engages students in learning science. Drawing on a range of routines, activities and games, she is able to help the students understand and remember scientific concepts. The example of "antigen chasey" engages students in learning about immunology, promotes engagement with science outside of class and also provides a touchstone for complex classroom discussions. Additional classroom strategies are used to encourage students to be active in class and to model positive learning behaviours.
Located 20km south of central Melbourne, Mentone Girls' Grammar is a Foundation to Year 12 school founded in 1899. Science is a main focus at the school and students in Year 5 and 6 are taught STEM subjects by specialist teachers from the Senior School. In Year 5, students undertake a STEM year in which every topic connects to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. As a result of the strong emphasis on Science, the school has high student uptake of Science electives at Year 12.


  • What strategies could you use to create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing and voicing their ideas?
  • How could you use routines, activities or games in class to teach or revise concepts?
  • What strategies can you use to extend learning beyond the classroom?
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