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A teacher assists two colleagues who are newer to the profession in assessing various aspects of their literacy program. In a review, they focus on the teaching of spelling and phonics, and the resources they use to support this. She leads an analysis of whether their spelling resources are comprehensive, current and appropriate, and whether its implementation is effective. They also discuss the importance of collecting student data, in order to test the effectiveness of the impact of their teaching and their programs on student performance over time. 
Peel Language Development School opened in 2002 and is a purpose built specialist facility for early language intervention in Western Australia. The main campus is co located with Rockingham Lakes Primary School, with satellite classes co located at Mandurah, Glencoe, Pinjarra and Bungaree Primary Schools. The school places students K–3 who meet the entrance criteria, set by the Department of Education. Teachers participate in on-going professional development to keep abreast of current research and educational practice.
  • What strategies do you use to examine the efficacy of learning programs?
  • What evidence might teachers provide that their programs are improving student performance?
  • How do learning programs in your school support students with special needs?
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