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The teacher works with her students in a year 7 English class to develop a storyboard that can be published using a nationally recommended educational software package. The story that the students adapt has been developed in an earlier class. The teacher advises students how they need to adapt their language to suit the needs of the audience for which the multimodal presentation is intended.
St Saviour’s Primary School in Toowoomba, Queensland caters for over 400 students from Prep to year 7. The teacher has previously built on, and transferred students’ learning and experience in Science, to new learning situations and teaching areas and is now, with the aid of her colleague adapting this into a storyboard that can be published as a multimodal presentation. The two year 7 teachers have identified appropriate collaborative learning software that is age and learning appropriate. 
  • How have you used ICT to make your teaching content more relevant and interesting to students?
  • In what ways do you build on the knowledge and experience that students have achieved in other learning areas?
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