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The Health Education teacher highlights some of the sensitivities involved in teaching issues such as cyberbullying. She begins her lesson by drawing on students’ prior knowledge and understanding and with a group thinking strategy. The teacher organises students into small groups based on learner characteristics so that no individual dominate discussions. She feels that her selection of a range of ICT resources supported learning, stimulated discussions and enhanced the topic. 
This edited video is extracted from a Health Education lesson on cyberbullying. The actual lesson formed part of the mandatory Years 7–10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum in New South Wales. The lesson was developed and taught to a Year 8 all girls class. The class was comprised of students from performing arts and non-performing arts programs. The students in the class were deemed by the teacher to be at different developmental stages and to exhibit a range of learning characteristics.
  • Which strategies or resources would you select or use to teach students about, or how to deal with cyberbullying?
  • Is there particular knowledge, skills or qualifications that teachers should have before teaching about cyberbullying?
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