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A teacher delivers a lesson on critical reading strategies to her peers. She links these strategies to the critical literacy skills required of academic study. In presenting her lesson, she provides examples of language use that allow her 'students' to identify how language affects understanding and perception. By introducing criteria, by which students can analyse texts, the teacher reinforces basic critical thinking techniques appropriate for the skill levels of students undertaking the University's Preparatory Program.

The University of Adelaide has developed a Preparatory Program to help tertiary students build the skills they will need for university study. The program includes several courses that are delivered on its metropolitan campus. Teachers delivering the course gain experience in using the specially developed course materials in a number of simulated classroom sessions of which this is one. The session is delivered by an ex-primary school teacher, who has extensive teaching experience in Australia and overseas.

  • What role does critical literacy play in your teaching?
  • What strategies do you use to help improve and support students’ thinking?
  • How do you assist students to critically analyse texts?
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