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A program coordinator leads and facilitates a practical workshop to enable teachers at the school to gain a better understanding of how to promote a focused and productive learning environment through the use of wikis and blogs. In particular, teachers learn strategies that will enable students to take responsibility for their own learning.
The school is a co-educational Christian school in New South Wales. It is proactive in offering its staff regular professional learning opportunities based on school priorities and individual needs. The ThinkSMART program uses notebook computers in classroom combined with thinking skills approaches to teaching and learning. It was developed by the school and implemented across campuses. The ThinkSMART coordinator has initiated and presented numerous professional development sessions to staff, parents and students on the use of MacBooks in the classroom
  • How do you lead and influence others to promote student responsibility for learning in the classroom?
  • What has been a successful program you have initiated or driven in your school to drive the use of digital learning resources and tools to improve teaching practices?
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