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At Western Cape College’s Weipa Campus, a graduate teacher reflects on her use of a professional learning package. Prior to using the package to support the skills of historical inquiry, the teacher had limited confidence in her ability to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom. Her experience in developing and using a ‘wiki’ with her students allowed her to gain an understanding of the connection between pedagogies, ICTs and teacher practice.
The professional learning package used by the graduate teacher was funded by the Australian Government as part of the Teaching Teachers for the Future program. This particular package examines how history pedagogy and the use of powerful technology intersect in the content of the Australian Curriculum. In this lesson, which is part of a larger unit of work teaching year 10 students about the modern world, students were able to act as historians investigating the impact of post-Vietnam War migration on Australia.
  • Have you identified relevant and appropriate sources of professional learning to suit your needs?
  • What aspects of your teaching practice would you like to improve through professional learning?
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