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The Assistant Principal with responsibilities for pastoral care, who also has a teaching load, leads and facilitates a practical workshop to increase teachers’ knowledge and understanding of classroom management. He uses proactive approaches and techniques rather than reactive and problem-based responses to classroom management. In the professional learning session he works with his peers to model approaches that promote focused and productive learning environments for all students. 
The school is a co-educational Christian school in regional New South Wales. At the school, there is a strong professional learning culture. There is a commitment to using an evidence-based framework to in-service staff on current educational theories and strategies. As a leader in the school this school leader applies the framework to in-service new staff during scheduled professional development days prior to the start of the school year.
  • How do you support colleagues to implement effective classroom management strategies to promote student responsibility for learning?
  • What successful evidence-based practice have you shared with colleagues to promote focused and productive learning environments?
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