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A need to evaluate reading programs in the upper primary classes was identified due to low student engagement and reluctant reading behaviours. As a result, the teacher developed and implemented the cooperative reading program. She is responsible for leading this program and mentoring colleagues to ensure successful implementation. The main goals are to: stimulate a love of reading; encourage confidence in peer and group discussions about literature in a supportive and structured environment; and promote high engagement in reading by encouraging students to choose what they read.

The teacher completed a Master of Teaching and has five years teaching experience. She is a member of the team responsible for the upper primary classes, which consist of three 5/6 classes, and is the school Pre-service Teacher Education Coordinator. She supports team members to ensure consistency in curriculum planning and expectations about the quality of student tasks across classes. Her responsibilities outside the classroom include the leadership and coordination of a mathematics program and a targeted cooperative reading program. This involves facilitating team meetings and supporting and mentoring colleagues to assist with implementation of the curriculum including planning and delivery.

Macquarie Primary School
Macquarie, ACT

Year level: Year 5, Year 6
Stage of schooling: Primary
School type: Government
School location: Metropolitan