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A senior secondary maths teacher uses a range of technology applications to help his students bridge from previously gained knowledge to new learnings.

During the lesson he uses a combination of technologies, including apps, as well as applying pen to paper to ensure students can access a range of learning tools and methodologies.

He uses activities such as puzzles to engage students and allow for multiple ways to arrive to a solution. Students are encouraged to reflect on how they approached the problem and communicate their reflection to the class.
Cardjin College is a school in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, with 1750 students and 240 staff. 

In this example the teacher combines interactive exercises, technology and an app that students can access and revise their lesson off campus.
  • How do you support students to reflect on their learning?
  • How can you effectively integrate ICT into teaching and learning lessons, ensuring it is both meaningful and relevant?
  • How do you support students to bridge prior knowledge to new knowledge?