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The teacher uses a flexible range of learning strategies to engage a diverse group of learners in her class. While teaching mainstream subjects she is willing to adopt innovative approaches to ensure that her students are engaged active learners. One of the aims of her teaching has been to use ICT to transform her students from being passive users of technology into active creators. To support this aim, she brings individuals with skills from the community into her class to work with her students. She also extends the learning environment beyond the classroom to engage the students in other authentic learning contexts.
Centralian Senior College is the largest senior secondary education provider in Alice Springs. The school was established in 2005 and has approximately 600 students in years 10, 11 and 12. Almost 50 percent of the student population has an Indigenous background with English being in some cases a second, third or fourth language. As a teacher within the College's Gateways Program, the teacher believes in the importance of authentic learning experiences for students, particularly for those whose cultural backgrounds and experiences may be dissimilar to that represented by a school.
  • To what extent do you permit students in your class to be creators using ICT rather than passive users?
  • How can teachers cater for students whose backgrounds and experiences seem to ill equip them for 'normal' classroom learning?
  • How do you find out about innovation in teaching and learning, and in what ways have you attempted to incorporate innovation into your own practice?
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